Synthetic Pyroxene Spectral Database

Welcome to the Pyroxene Spectral Database. Sixty-one pyroxenes have been selected to illustrate the spectral diversity of the pyroxene group as a function of Ca, Mg, and Fe composition. Samples with compositions within the grey region of the quadrilateral were found to contain two phases of pyroxene, and are thus excluded from this database. Other samples with minor impurities apparent in their spectra are also excluded. Most samples have had their compositions measured by electron microprobe (EMP). Analyses conducted for each sample are coded on the pyroxene quadrilateral below. For complete documentation of all synthetic pyroxenes measured in the RELAB (RELAB sample IDs DL-CMP-001 through -091), including those not presented here, please see Klima, 2008 "Integrated Spectroscopy of Synthetic Mg-Fe-Ca Pyroxenes" Ph.D. Dissertation, Brown University. Ca-free orthopyroxenes are described in detail in Klima et al. 2007. MAPS 42:235-253 and Ca-bearing clinopyroxenes are described in Klima et al. 2011. MAPS.

The synthetic pyroxenes were provided for this study by Don Lindsley, Al Turnock and Darby Dyar. Details regarding sample synthesis procedures can be found in:

Turnock A. C., Lindsley D. H. and Grover J. E. 1973. Synthesis and unit cell parameters of Ca-Mg-Fe pyroxenes.
American Mineralogist

Funding for the spectral measurements and associated analyses was provided by the NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, Grant #NNX07AP41G.

pyroxene quad Orthopyroxenes low Ca clinopyroxenes high Ca clinopyroxenes

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