Shapefiles / Data for Sinuous Rilles on the Moon

In Hurwitz et al., 2013 we map the lunar sinuous rilles visible to date using SELENE/Kaguya Terrain Camera images. Basic dimensions and observed properties were recorded for each of 195 sinuous rilles identified. Images of all mapped sinuous rilles are accessible through the Atlas of Lunar Sinuous Rilles (see here).

Here we provide additional resources generated in Hurwitz et al., 2013.

Table 1, Sinuous Rille Dimensions. This table documents the location, length, width, depth, slope, sinuosity, and source volume that were recorded for all 195 mapped sinuous rilles.

Table 2, Sinuous Rille Observations. This table documents the ages of the unit incised by the sinuous rille (i.e., older) and the unit embaying the sinuous rille (i.e., younger), the shape of the source depression (if any), width, depth and slope characteristics, associated craters and other lunar features, and additional observations of each mapped sinuous rille.

ArcGIS Shapefile of Lunar Rille Observations. This shapefile includes the outlines of the sinuous rilles mapped in the global survey of the Moon. These lines were drawn using Kaguya TC images, so slight offsets are expected when used with LROC images or data from other missions due to slight misalignments between the data sets.

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Reference: Hurwitz, D. M., J. W. Head, and H. Hiesinger (2013), Lunar sinuous rilles: Distribution, characteristics, and implications for their origin, Planetary and Space Science, 79-80, p. 1-38.