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Dave Scott

Microsymposium 55

Scientific Destinations for
Human Exploration

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, Texas, USA
Montgomery A-C
March 15-16, 2014

Jack Schmitt

Co-Sponsored by Brown University, Vernadsky Institute,
Brown-MIT NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

1:00 PM:  Introduction and Overview: Jim Head

Dedication to Dr. Michael Wargo (1951-2013), Chief Exploration Scientist, NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

1:15 PM:  Asteroids

1:15 PM: Clark Chapman:  “Asteroids: A summary of current knowledge of their origin and evolution and key questions for future exploration.”

2:00 PM: Carol Raymond, Dawn Deputy PI: “New Insights from the Dawn Mission: Key questions for future exploration”.

2:45 PM: Bill Bottke: “Earth’s Minimoons: New prospective targets for human exploration”

3:15 PM:  Phobos and Deimos

3:15 PM:  Abigail Fraeman: “Phobos and Deimos: A summary of current knowledge of its origin and evolution and key questions for future exploration”

4:00 PM: Scott Murchie: “Phobos and Deimos: Achieving scientific goals and objectives with robotic and human exploration”

4:45 PM: Mars

4:45 PM: Jim Garvin: “Mars: Scenarios for future human exploration”

5:30 PM: Perspectives on Human Exploration

5:30 PM: William Hartmann: “Human Operations in the Inner Solar System: Who Owns the Destinations and the Benefits:?”

6:00 PM:  Posters and Reception

Pamela Clark: “Spelunking the Solar System: Combining Successful Paradigms of the past and present to create a Sustainable 'Below the Surface' Robotic/Human Exploration Program”

The LOLA and GRAIL Teams: "Lunar topography and gravity from LOLA and GRAIL data through the extended missions: Baselines for Future Exploration"


Sunday, March 16, 2014

8:30 AM: The Moon

8:30 AM: Alexander Basilevsky: “The Race to the Moon: The Soviet Union Human Exploration Program and Robotic Precursors”.

8:50 AM: Sergei Khrushchev: "The View from the Top: Khrushchev and Kennedy on the US-Soviet Union Moon Race." (telecon)

9:00 AM: Carle Pieters: “The Crust and Mantle of the Moon: A summary of current knowledge and key questions for future exploration”.

9:30 AM: Human Exploration of the Moon: The Past as a Guide to the Future

9:30 AM: Jim Head: “Apollo: Landing site selection, traverse planning and surface operations.”

10:00 AM: Apollo 17 LMP Harrison H. “Jack” Schmitt:  “Exploration of the Taurus-Littrow Valley of the Moon: A Case Study for Human Exploration.”

10:55 AM: Apollo 15 Commander David R. Scott: “The Evolution of the Apollo Missions: The Importance of Science and Engineering Synergism.”

11:50 AM: The Future: Looking Forward

11:50 AM: David Kring and NextGen Students (Carolyn Roberts, Natalie Curran, Ross W. K. Potter): “The Next Generation of Lunar Exploration: Candidate Landing Sites and Traverses: Amundsen, Schrodinger and Orientale.”

12:20 PM: Ryan Clegg: NextGen Explorers

12:30 PM: Adjourn