Fall 2017 Planetary Lunch Seminars
All talks take place in Lincoln Field room 209 from 12:00-1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
All are welcome

September 7
Cateline Lantz, MIT
Clues on space weathering of primitive Near-Earth Asteroids based on laboratory experiments

September 14
Ian Dell'antonio, Physics, Brown
What giant telescopes can do for you

September  21
Hunter Ray, Engineering, Brown
EQUISAT: Brown’s CubeSat and future opportunities

October 5
Brian Kilpatrick, Physics, Brown
“HST/Spitzer/JWST studies of exoplanet atmosphere”

Friday, October 6
Kathleen Vander Kaaden, NASA JSC

Wednesday, October 11
Emily Lackdawalla, The Planetary Society

October  12
Drew Pomerantz

October 19
Marisa Palucis, Dartmouth College
A hop, skip, and a jump: How sediment transport shapes planetary surfaces

October 26
James Cassanelli
Assessing the Formation of Valley Networks in a Cold Early Mars Climate

November 2
Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institution
Open Discussion

November 9
Elizabeth Silber
Impact crater morphology and the structure of Europa’s ice shell

November 16
Li Zeng, Harvard Center for Astrophysics
Ocean Planets and Water Worlds

November 23
Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30
Adeene Dento
The fretted terrain and the evolution of the Martian dichotomy boundary

December 7

December 14
Mike Bramble           
Characterizing the thermal infrared emission properties of asteroid regoliths by replicating the airless space environment in the laboratory