Spring 2018 Planetary Lunch Seminars
All talks take place in Lincoln Field room 209 from 12:00-1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
All are welcome

January 25
Hannah Kaplan, Brown University
Reflectance spectroscopy of organics: From Earth to Ceres

February 1
Taki Hiroi
Reflectance spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites and JAXA's Hayabusa2 and future missions

February 15
Ashley Palumbo
Late Noachian icey highlands climate model: Exploring the possibility of transient melting and fluvial/lacustrine activity through peak annual and seasonal temperatures

March 1
Brandon Johnson
Long runout landslides throughout the solar system

March 8
Erica Jawin
Transient post-glacial processes on Mars: Mid-latitude paraglacial modification

LPSC (no seminar)

March 29
Spring Recess (no seminar)

April 5
Brendan Anzures
Reduction deduction: Unusual geochemistry of low oxygen fugacity rocky bodies

April 12
Elizabeth Fisher
Determining the modal mineralogy of howardites and brecciated eucrites: A combined XRD-VNIR study and implications for Vesta

April 19
Sean Wiggins
Impact fragmentation: The development of megaregolith

April 26
Michael Bramble
Characterizing the thermal infrared emission properties of asteroid regoliths by replicating the airless space environment in the laboratory

May 3
Sierra Kaufman
The geochemical and mineralogical fate of volcanic ash in the cold and icy Antarctic environments: Implications for aqueous alteration on early Mars