Fall 2018 Planetary Lunch Seminars
All talks take place in Lincoln Field room 209 from 12:00-1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
All are welcome

August 30th 
Jay Dickson (CalTech)
“A Global High-resolution Mosaic of Mars: Constructing the Largest Image Ever Made” and “Understanding Mars' Relationship with the Triple Point of H2O: Quantitative Integration of Global Circulation Models and Mapping of Gullies on Mars”.

September 6th
Dr. Laura Kerber (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
“Moon Diver: A Mission Concept to Explore a Lunar Pit Crater Interior"  (by Webex)

September 13th
Dr. Patrick Barosh (USGS, retired)
“The Tectonic History of New England; The assembly and destruction of Northwestern Pangea.” 

September 20th
Dr. Elizabeth Turtle, (John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)

“Titan’s meteorology during the Cassini mission and evidence for subsurface methane reservoirs.”

September 27th
Jack Mustard (Brown University)
“NASA Mars 2020 Landing Site Selection Activities”

Special Planetary Lunch Seminar:
Friday, September 28th

Geoff Collins (Wheaton College, Norton, MA)
'Europa Plate Tectonics"

October 4th: 
Frances Rivera-Hernandez (Dartmouth College)
"In a PICL: Were there perennially ice-covered lakes on early Mars?"

October 11th
Chris Kremer (Brown University)
“A widespread ultramafic ash on Mars.”

October 18th
Erica Nathan (Brown University)
“Freezing Water Spheres as a Laboratory Analog for Icy Moons.”

October 25th
Ben Boatwright (Brown University)
“An Integrated Model of Precipitation, Infiltration, and Groundwater Flows on Mars.”

November 1st
Ashley Palumbo (Brown University)
“Oceans on Mars: The possibility of a Noachian groundwater-fed ocean in a sub-freezing martian climate.”

November 8th
Ariel Deutsch (Brown University)
“Understanding impact and magmatic structures in the Moon's subsurface from gravity data.”

November 15th
Jesse Tarnas (Brown University)
“Geologic History of Nili Fossae: New Insights From Dynamic Aperture Factor Analysis/Target Transformation (DAFA/TT)”.

November 29th
Rachel Sheppard (Brown University)
“Assessing Lateral Variations in the Mineralogical Stratigraphy of Mt. Sharp: Linking Rover and Orbital Observations.”

December 6th
Mutch Lecture
Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate.

December 13th
AGU Week (no lunch seminar)