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Text: Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology (E. Parfitt and L. Wilson, 2008, Blackwell).

January 22nd:
Organization and Discussion of Planetary Volcanology Themes. 
Chapter 1:  Volcanic Systems.
Discussion 1:  Earth: Plate Tectonics and Hot Spot Volcanism.

January 29th:
Chapter 2: Magma Generation and Segregation.
Discussion 2: Earth: LIPS and Komatiites.

February 5th:
Chapter 3: Magma Migration.
Discussion 3:  Moon: Volcanic Styles and Modes of Emplacement on a One-Plate Planet. 

February 12th:
Chapter 4:  Magma Storage.
Discussion 4: Moon: History of Lunar Volcanism and Role of Thermal Evolution.

February 19th:
Chapter 5:  The Role of Volatiles.
Discussion 5: Moon: Pyroclastic Volcanism on a “Dry” Planetary Body. 

February 26th:
Chapter 6:  Steady Explosive Eruptions.
Discussion 6:  Mars: The Geological Record and the Importance of Tharsis. 

March 5th:
Chapter 7:  Transient Volcanic Eruptions.
Chapter 8:  Pyroclastic Falls and Pyroclastic Density Currents.
Discussion 7:  Mars: Non-linear Volcanic Flux and Relation to Mantle Dynamics/Evolution.

March 12th:
Chapter 12:  Volcanoes and Climate.
Discussion 8: Mars:  History of Martian Volcanism and the Relation to Climate. 

March 19th:
45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

March 26th:
Brown University Spring Recess.  Good time to work on your original research paper.

April 2nd:
Chapter 9:  Lava Flows.
Discussion 9:  Mercury:  Can a Planet Have No Volcanism? 

April 9th:
Chapter 10: Eruption Styles, Scales and Frequencies.
Discussion 10: Mercury Flood Volcanism: Recognition of Flow Fronts and Wrinkle Ridges.
Discussion 11: Mercury: History of Volcanism and Relation to Mantle Convection.

April 16th
Chapter 11: Volcanic Hazards and Volcano Monitoring.
Discussion 12: Venus: Diversity of Volcanism and Distribution in Space and Time.

April 23rd:
Chapter 13: Volcanism on Other Planets.
Discussion 13: Venus: The Influence of Fundamental Changes in Thermal and Geodynamic Evolution.

April 30th:
European Geosciences Union.

May 1st:
Planetary Volcanology Original Research Paper Due.

Week of May 12th:
Final Oral Presentation of Planetary Volcanology Original Research Papers to Class.