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The Origin and Evolution of the Moon

Academic Graduate-level Course

Before November 4th: EDT (UT-4)
After November 4th: EST (UT-5)

Lecture: 1 hour; Discussion: 30 minutes

Semester 1 - Fall 2018
Lincoln Field Building, Room 105

Lecture Themes
SEPTEMBER 5: Transformative Lunar Science:  Jim Head (Brown), Robin Canup (SWRI), Carle Pieters (Brown), David Kring (LPI).

SEPTEMBER 12: The History of Lunar Exploration: Jim Head (Brown)

SEPTEMBER 19: The Formation of the Moon: Current Scenarios: Robin Canup (SWRI)

SEPTEMBER 26: Formation of the Lunar Crust and the Aftermath: The Magma Ocean Hypothesis: Marc Parmentier (Brown)

OCTOBER 3: The Structure of the Lunar Crust, Mantle and Core: Maria Zuber (MIT) 

OCTOBER 10: The Lunar Cratering Record and the Late Heavy Bombardment: Bill Bottke (SWRI)

OCTOBER 17: The Highlands Rock Suite: Clues to Early Lunar Evolution: Clive Neal (Notre Dame)

OCTOBER 31: Lunar Impact Cratering and Formation of Impact Basins: Gordon Osinski (University of Western Ontario) and Brandon Johnson (Brown)

NOVEMBER 7: NASA Administrator James Bridenstine

NOVEMBER 14: Origin and Evolution of the Lunar Magnetic Field: Sonia Tikoo (Rutgers) and Ben Weiss (MIT)

NOVEMBER 28: Models for the Thermal Evolution of the Moon: Lindy Elkins-Tanton (ASU)

DECEMBER 5: Lunar Polar Deposits and Surface Water: Dana Hurley (JHUAPL) and Ralph Milliken (Brown)

DECEMBER 19: Future Exploration of the Moon: The Road Ahead.