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The Origin and Evolution of the Moon

Academic Graduate-level Course

Before November 4th: EDT (UT-4)
After November 4th: EST (UT-5)

Lecture: 1 hour; Discussion: 30 minutes

Semester 1 - Fall 2018
Lincoln Field Building, Room 105

General Reading List

Class 1: September 5, 3:00 PM EDT: Transformative Lunar Science: Carle Pieters, Robin Canup, David Kring, James Head, David Scott.

Slides for the "Transformative Lunar Science" Video (except movies). (PDF)


Class 2: September 12, 3:00 PM EDT: The History of Lunar Exploration: Jim Head (Brown)

Chertok, B., 2011.  Rockets and People:  The Moon Race.  The NASA History Series, NASA SP-2011-4110, vol. IV, Siddiqi, A. A. (series ed.), 663 pp.  (PDF).

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Harvey, B., 2007. Soviet and Russian Lunar Exploration, Springer-Praxis, doi: 10.1007/978-0-387-73976-2.

History of Lunar Exploration. (Link)

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Swanson, G. E. (ed.), 1999.  “Before This Decade is Out. . .”: Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program.  The NASA History Series, NASA SP-4223, 408 pp.  (PDF).

Ranger 7-8-9 Movie Compilation. (MOV)(406MB)

Schmitt, H. H., 2018. Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man. (link)


Class 3: September 19, 3:00 PM EDT: The Formation of the Moon: Current Scenarios: Robin Canup (SWRI)

Pahlevan, K, and D. J. Stevenson, 2007. Equilibration in the aftermath of the lunar-forming gian impact. Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters 262, 438-449, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2007.07.055. (PDF).

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Rufu, R., O. Aharanson, and H. B. Perets, 2017. A multiple-impact origin for the Moon. Nature Geoscience 10, 89-94, doi: 10.1038/NGEO2866. (PDF)


Class 4: September 26, 3:00 PM EDT: Formation of the Lunar Crust and the Aftermath: The Magma Ocean Hypothesis: Marc Parmentier (Brown)

Timothy L. Grove, T. L., and M. J. Krawczynski (2009), Lunar Mare Volcanism: Where Did the Magmas Come From? Elements, 5, 29-34, doi: 10.2113/gselements.5.1.29.  (PDF)

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Scheinberg, A. L., K. M. Soderlund, and L. T. Elkins-Tanton (2018), A basal magma ocean dynamo to explain the early lunar magnetic field, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 492, 144-151, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.04.015.  (PDF)

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Class 5: OCTOBER 3: The Structure of the Lunar Crust, Mantle and Core: Maria Zuber (MIT)

Andrews-Hanna, J.C., J. Besserer, J.W. Head III, C.J.A. Howett, W.S. Kiefer, P.J. Lucey, P.J. McGovern, H.J. Melosh, G.A. Neumann, P,M. Schenk, R.J. Phillips, D.E. Smith, S.C. Solomon, and M.T. Zuber, 2014, Structure and evolution of the Procellarum region of the Moon as revealed by GRAIL gravity data, Nature, 514, 68-71, doi:10.1038/nature13697. (PDF)

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Williams, J.G., A.S. Konopliv, D.H. Boggs, R.S. Park, D.-N. Yuan, F.G. Lemoine, S.J. Goossens, E. Mazarico, F. Nimmo, R.C. Weber, S.W. Asmar, H.J. Melosh, G.A, Neumann, R.J. Phillips, D.E. Smith, S.C. Solomon, M.M. Watkins, M.A. Wieczorek, J.C. Andrews-Hanna, J.W. Head, W.S. Kiefer, I. Matsuyama, P.J. McGovern, G.J. Taylor, and M.T. Zuber, 2014, Lunar interior properties from the GRAIL mission, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 119, doi: 10.1002/2013JE004559,1546–1578. (PDF)

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Class 6: OCTOBER 10: The Lunar Cratering Record and the Late Heavy Bombardment: Bill Bottke (SWRI)

Andrews-Hanna, J. C., J. Besserer, J. W. Head III, C. J. A. Howett, W. S. Kiefer, P. J. Lucey, P. J. McGovern, H. J. Melosh, G. A. Neumann, R. J. Phillips, P. M. Schenk, D. E. Smith, S. C. Solomon, and M. T. Zuber, 2014, Structure and evolution of the lunar Procellarum region as revealed by GRAIL gravity data, Nature, 514, 68-71, doi: 10.1038/nature13697. (PDF)

Bottke, W. F., and J. Andrews Hanna, 2017. A post accretionary impact lull in large impacts on Mars. Nature Geosci. 10, 344-348. (PDF)

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Fassett, C. I., Minton, D. A. 2013. Impact bombardment of the terrestrial planets and the early history of the Solar System. Nature Geoscience 6, 520-524. (PDF)


Class 7: OCTOBER 17: The Highlands Rock Suite: Clues to Early Lunar Evolution: Clive Neal (Notre Dame)

Borg, L. E., J. N. Connelly, M. Boyet, and R. W. Carlson, 2011, Chronological evidence that the Moon is either young or did not have a global magma ocean, Nature 477, doi:10.1038/nature10328.  (PDF)

Carlson, R.W., L. E. Borg, A. M. Ganey, and M. Boyet, 2014, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope systematics of the lunar Mg-suite: The age of the lunar crust and its relation to the time of Moon formation, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 372: 20130246, doi: 10.1098/rsta.2013.0246.  (PDF)

James, O. B., M. M. Lindstrom, and M. K. Flohr, 1989, Ferroan anorthosite from lunar breccia 64435:  Implications for the origin and history of lunar ferroan anorthosites, Proceedings of the 19th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 219-243. (PDF)

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Torcivia, M.A., and C. R. Neal, 2018, Ferroan Anorthosite 60025 – A Lunar Breccia, Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 49, abstract 1331.  (PDF)


OCTOBER 24: Lunar Mare Volcanism: The Emplacement of Secondary Crust: Jim Head (Brown)

Braden, S.E., Stopar, J.D., Robinson, M.S., Lawrence, S.J., van der Bogert, C.H., and Hiesinger, H., 2014, Evidence for basaltic volcanism on the Moon within the past 100 million years: Nature Geoscience, v. 7, p. 787–791, doi:10.1038/ngeo2252. (PDF)

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OCTOBER 31: Lunar Impact Cratering and Formation of Impact Basins: Gordon Osinski (University of Western Ontario) and Brandon Johnson (Brown)

Johnson, B. C., D. M. Blair, G. S. Collins, H. J. Melosh, A. M. Freed, G. J. Taylor, J. W. Head III, M. A. Wieczorek, J. C. Andrews-Hanna, F. Nimmo, J. T. Keane, K. Miljkovic, J. M. Soderblom, and M. T. Zuber (2016), Formation of the Orientale lunar multiring basin, Science, 354, 441-444, doi: 10.1126/science.aag0519. (PDF)

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NOVEMBER 14: Origin and Evolution of the Lunar Magnetic Field: Sonia Tikoo (Rutgers) and Ben Weiss (MIT)

Weiss, B. P., and S. M. Tikoo (2014), The lunar dynamo, Science, 346, doi: 10.1126/science.1246753. (PDF)

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NOVEMBER 28: Models for the Thermal Evolution of the Moon: Lindy Elkins-Tanton (ASU)

Elkins-Tanton, L. T. (2012), Magma oceans I the inner solar system, Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 40, 113-139. (PDF)

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DECEMBER 5: Lunar Polar Deposits and Surface Water: Dana Hurley (JHUAPL) and Ralph Milliken (Brown)

Arnold, J. R. (1979). "Ice in the lunar polar regions." Journal of Geophysical Research 84(B10). (PDF)

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DECEMBER 19: Future Exploration of the Moon: The Road Ahead: Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison "Jack" Schmitt

Schmitt, H. H., 2018. Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man. (link)

Schmitt, H. H., N. E. Petro, R. A. Wells, M. S. Robinson, B. P. Weiss, and C. M. Mercer (2017), Revisiting the filed geology of Taurus-Littrow, Icarus, 298, 2-33. (PDF).