GCM data for simulations of a "warm and wet" early Mars

The following files include the specific GCM data that was utilized to generate the plots in the manuscript.

Simulations are run for: 1 bar CO2 atmosphere, 25° and 45° obliquity, a circular orbit, 75% the present solar luminosity, and additional ‘gray gas’ warming such that global mean annual temperature is ~275 K. The model is run at a spatial resolution of 64x48x25 and hourly data is collected. More information about the simulations produced in this study is included in the Methods section of the manuscript.

For simulations with both 25° and 45° obliquity, we have included data for distribution of locations where snow occurs, distribution of locations where rain occurs, minimum amount of surface ice present throughout the year, mean annual temperature, peak annual temperature, and percent of the year with temperatures above 273 K. Data are saved in excel files with the columns for latitude (lat), longitude (lon), and the appropriate values (val) labelled. By plotting these data, one can reproduce the figures in the manuscript.

The units and filenames follow:

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Reference (please cite if you use this data):
Palumbo, A. M., and Head, J. W. (2018), Early Mars climate history: Characterizing a “warm and wet” martian climate with a 3-D global climate model and testing geological predictions, Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 10249-10258.

If you have any questions, please email Ashley at Ashley_Palumbo@Brown.edu.