Fall Semester 2018 DEEPS Colloquia
Thursdays 4:00PM MacMillan 115 (unless otherwise noted)
All are welcome


January 24
Ali M. Bramson, Univ. of Arizona "The icy mid-latitudes of Mars"

January 31
Basil Tikoff, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
"The jagged western edge of North America: The profound influence of Precambrian rifting on subsequent mountain building"

February 7
Darryl Reano, Purdue University
"Indigenous research frameworks: A tool for research, education, mentoring and leading"

February 14
Career Day
Alice Alpert, Climate Mitigation Assistant in the Office of Global Change, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State.
Brian Kortz, Senior Project Manager at Fuss & O'Neill, Inc., an environmental engineering consulting firm.
Sarah Zaranek, worked for many years at MathWorks and is now a co-founder of a start-up that focuses on the analysis of big datasets for genomics.

February 21
Alexandria Johnson, Brown University
"The Study of Extraterrestrial Clouds by Earth Means"

February 28
Ken Miller, Rutgers University
"An overview of climate and global sea-level changes over the past 100 Myr from IODP drilling"

March 7
G. Jeffrey Taylor, Professor Emeritus, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, SOEST
"The Legacy of Apollo: Meeting Challenges and Finding New Perspectives on Science and Society"

March 14    
Chris Reinhard, Georgia Inst. of Technology, School of Earth & Atmospheric Sci.

March 21
Jim Russell, Brown University
Climate Change and tropical mountain glaciers

March 28    

April 4

April 11

April 18

April 25

May 2

May 9
Vladim Levin, Rutgers University