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The Origin and Evolution of the Moon
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Our SSERVI Evolution and Environment of Exploration Destinations (SEEED) team is hosted by Brown University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with key contributions from Co-Is at four additional institutions. We partner with collaborators from another five institutions as well as seven foreign countries [see Team]. We draw on the strength of ongoing and proposed research activities of this team coupled to a philosophy of strong mentoring. Our principal objective is to create a virtual center of excellence focused on the science and environment of the Moon and small body exploration targets that will not only build bridges within the community and produce the next generation of knowledgeable and qualified planetary scientists and engineers, but will also attract some of the best minds into the field and keep them involved.

SEEED team activities encompass four integrated science themes, each with several near- and long-term goals.

1) Thermal/ chemical evolution of rocky bodies (surface and interior).
2) Origin and evolution of volatiles in the Solar System.
3) Regolith of airless bodies (including space weathering).
4) Science and engineering synergism.

Implementation of these science themes is enabled through several key infrastructure components: 

1) Team experience interweaves University – NASA components.
2) Team structure nurtures a new generation of leading scientists and engineers.
3) International and community involvement is a long-term investment.
4) World-class facilities enable broad participation.