Shapefiles / Database of Open Basin Lakes on Mars

In Fassett and Head, 2008 we described valley-fed depressions with outlets on Mars that we interpreted as evidence for hydrologically-open lakes on the surface of Mars. An image catalog showing outlines of these possible paleo-lakes was included in the paper (see the supplementary material).

Here we provide some supporting data for that study, as well as a few additional (n~14) possible paleolakes found in the last two years.

Point Shapefile with Locations and Morphometric Data. This summarizes the data and gives locations.

Point Excel (xls) File with Locations and Morphometric Data. This summarizes the data and gives locations for non-ArcMap users.

Shapefiles of Lake Outlines. These are the outline within which we calculated morphometric parameters. Generally, these correspond to a current closed contour on the MOLA grids. In some cases, however, either holes in MOLA data or later processes (i.e. a deep young crater) led us to interpret to be the approximate outline of the original basin based on the inferred outlet elevation. Most outlines are typically in a Mars equidistant cylindrical projection but calculations of areas and volumes were made in more accurate local projections (sinusoidal with a local central longitude).

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Reference: Fassett, C. I., and J. W. Head (2008), Valley network-fed, open-basin lakes on Mars: Distribution and implications for Noachian surface and subsurface hydrology, Icarus, 198, 37-56, doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2008.06.016.